We are acting as your trusted sourcing agent

To do business in Switzerland can be very rewarding – as our country is known for:

  • high quality & innovation
  • tradition and latested technolgy
  • among the highest standards when it comes to food safety and agricultural standards
  • highly monitored and reliable logistic infrastructure
  • reliable political conditions
  • stable currency
  • proven, high standard of education
  • reliable basic infrastructure (healthcare, public transport, banking and insurance system)

For these reasons, Switzerland is regarded as the country of origin for a multitude of goods and services that is second to none. We have decades of experience in connecting internationally active business partners. Our focus lies on the beverage and food industry. We are often commissioned by foreign companies to identify suitable companies in Switzerland and thus to source products and services from the Swiss market.  A wide range of Swiss SMEs can be best described as precious jewels – a strategic partnership brings your business significant competitive advantages. 

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